Angelic Discussion – If this ceiling could talk…

When we walked in we immediately loved it. It is a quirky little Florentine apartment that was once part of a larger one. The many generations which have passed through it have worn the terracotta tiles, changed rooms and doorways, and added the charm that we love.

But the real star of the apartment is the huge bedroom with a frescoed cherub on the ceiling, painted columns in each corner and a “secret” door that leads to the bathroom. It must have been an important room at one time to be decorated like this. Our first night in the apartment, as I was laying in bed contemplating the ceiling and the mysteries of this room, I wished that the little cherub above me could talk.

Little angel over my bed,
How long have you been hovering there?
What have you seen in this room?

Was it a grand dining room,
Where sumptuous meals were served?
Did the aromas tempt you to come down for a taste?

Or was it an elegant salon,
Where intellectual discussions took place?
Did they cause you to ponder your existence?

Was it a ballroom,
With dancing, and music drifting up to your ears?
Did you sway back and forth in your cloud?

And now that it is a bedroom,
Dare I ask what you have seen?
Do the activities below make you blush?

I am pulled from my angelic discussion by my husband rolling over to give me a kiss and a cuddle. I glance up at the ceiling and I am sure I saw that little cherub wink at me just as the lights were turned out.

The cherub who watches over everything that goes on in our apartment

“Secret” door – notice how the column and decoration are uninterrupted by the door.

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