Happy New Year

Hope everyone is enjoying a lovely holiday season.
Jeff and I had a very nice Christmas in London with a friend who came from Nice to visit us.

Now my thoughts are turning to those New Year resolutions.  Most of us start a new year full of hope. It is a new beginning, a time to think about what we would like to achieve in the next 12 months and to make plans to accomplish it.  My husband is quite a goal setter.  He always knows exactly what his objective is and what he needs to do to obtain it.  After 37 years of marriage, this has rubbed off on me.

Every January, I spend hours organising myself like this:

  • I make a list of resolutions (really more like wishes), which is always too long.
  • I combine and reorganise the items on the list until I get a nice manageable size.
  • I break it all down into monthly and weekly activity so that I know exactly what I need to do each week to meet my goals.
  • I make a chart with boxes to tick off at appropriate intervals when milestones are reached.

Then after a week or two, I misplace my list and just go through the rest of the year doing the best I can.

Oh well, it seems to work for me.

Happy New Year to everyone!



4 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. Happy New Year to you and Jeff. Love your NY entry..you are so clever with words…and humor. My sentiments exactly when it comes to making lists and then losing them. I was a rigid goal setter most of my life..and now it is….whatever? The best to you both in 2013.


    • Thanks! I am terrible with shopping lists as well. I either loose them before I get out the door or I leave them home. I rarely make it to the shops with my list — yet I continue to make them 🙂 Hope you have a fantastic 2013!


  2. We will open the book. Its pages are blank. We are going to put words on them ourselves. The book is called “Opportunity” and its first chapter is New Year’s Day. Happy New Year ♥♥♥


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