Berets, Baguettes, and Beyond



If you love France and are curious about all things French, this book is for you. In it you will find stories exploring the curious histories behind everyday French symbols: From berets to baguettes, and beyond.

You’ll discover:

  • How the baguette got its distinctive shape
  • Why the French are represented by a rooster
  • Who created the beret-wearing French stereotype
  • Why the guillotine was invented
  • Why there are gargoyles on Gothic churches
  • And much more…


I love France and history, and nothing thrills me more than finding some little-known, or quirky bit of French history. I call these stories curious histories and I share them on my blog and in my books.

Berets, Baguettes, and Beyond is a collection of these curious histories which are all related in some way to items symbolic of France. This book is not meant to be a comprehensive tome on all things French. It’s simply a selection of stories and histories that I found interesting. I hope they will be interesting to you too.

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margo w Berets Baguettes and Beyond book

I’m American by birth, but feel at home in Europe after years of living in the UK and France and traveling in other European countries. Life is never dull here with so much history to discover. There’s a story hiding under every stone and I’m always trying to find it.

I’m a curious person by nature and I’m forever wanting to know who, what, why, when, where, and how… When I find answers to these questions, I share them on my blog, the Curious Rambler, or in my Curious Histories books. (Are you beginning to notice a curious theme?)

I share my adventures (and my questions) with Jeff, my husband of many years. I enjoy travel, history, observing cultures and traditions – and then writing about them, of course.

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