Book Signing: La Sagesse des Monuments

Book Signing: La Sagesse des Monuments

If you are in Nice, please stop by and see me on Saturday, the 26 November…


On Saturday, 26 November at 2.00 pm I will be at a book signing for a book in French to which I contributed an article about Big Ben. Iveline Denormandie, the woman who had the idea and organized the book will be there along with some of the other authors.

Iveline brought together authors of different nationalities to write a story from the viewpoint of a famous monument from their country. She managed to pull together sixteen authors who allow the great monuments from sixteen different countries to tell their own stories: How they came to be, what they have seen in their city, and their hopes for the future. I was honored to help London’s Big Ben tell his story.

There are two versions of this book: La Sagesse des Monuments in French, and The Wisdom of Monuments in English. The French version has just been published and will be available for sale at the book signing. It is also be purchased on and should soon be available on Amazon as an e-book. The English version is just about finished and will be available shortly.

More info:

  • The Court Circuit Café is a natural food café/restaurant with reasonable prices. They serve homemade dishes made with local products.
  • Artisans du Monde is a non-profit boutique just across the street from the café. It sells specialty foods and decorative items. Their profits go directly to the producers of the products.

*The La Sagesse des Monuments book will sell for 15 euros and the proceeds will be donated to Artisans du Monde who will be providing us with drinks.