Carnival 2016 in Nice France

These images are the sketches of the floats with the theme of MEDIA

Carnival 009

Carnival 0010.jpeg

Carnival 0011

Nice France Carnival
The 3 Media Monkeys – Normally, the monkeys represent “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil” but in this case, the media monkeys’ motto is “see everything, hear everything, and say everything!”

Margo's Musings, Carnival, Revolution

Carnival 004

Margo's Musings, carnival, revolution

Carnival 0017

Carnival 0016

Carnival 0015

Carnival 0014

Carnival 0013

Carnival 0012

Carnival 008

Carnival 007

*All float images are from the 2016 Nice Carnival brochure.

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