The King is no Match for the Women of Paris

The 14th of July is the National Holiday in France and it commemorates the start of the French Revolution. Everyone knows about the storming of the Bastille, but there was another important, but lesser known, moment in the Revolution that was led by the ladies.

Bob was a Woman of Many Talents

In Paris in 1902, young Dr. Marcile was head-over-heels in love. The young lady who was the object of his affection loved him too, but her parents wouldn’t consent to their marriage. They were both heartbroken. Then one day when the doctor was passing a garage on Avenue de la Grande-Armée he noticed a sign…

Bread Delivery: Les Porteuses de Pain

If you like bread, then when you’re in France you probably stop by the boulangerie, or bakery, every day to buy a baguette, croissant, or one of the other tempting treats that you will find inside. But if you were a bourgeois, or wealthy, family in the nineteenth or early twentieth century you wouldn’t need…


Who wants to be a Bank Robber?

Well, I think I’ve done it!  No, I haven’t robbed a bank – I think I’ve finished my book! I still have to wait to see the proofs, which should be here next week, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed.   It will be available on Amazon and I’ll be sure to let you know when…