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I started my blog when I was preparing to go to Italy in September 2012 to spend three months learning the Italian language.  The below articles are some of my thoughts and experiences during that time as well as some sources to help you in your quest to learn French or Italian.

Posts About My Experiences

Learn French Sources

  • Comme Une Française – Geraldine sends out charming short videos with tips about how to speak French like a French person. (That’s what we all want, right?)
  • eFrench Cafe – Ida is a delightful French teacher living in Nice. She has local Meetup sessions as well as giving Skype lessons.
  • French Today – Audio courses and materials plus Skype lessons.
  • Lawless French – Get down to the nitty-gritty of French grammar.
  • Apprendre Français via Skype – French lessons on Skype.
  • French Together – French course and learning tips from Benjamin.

Learn Italian Sources

  • Italian with Roberta – My Italian teacher – she’s very good and patient. She never makes me feel bad – even when I don’t do my homework…


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