Cocteau, Picasso, and a Tale of two Breads

When I recently toured Santo Sospir, the villa decorated by Cocteau, the guide pointed to a fougasse (a local bread) painted on the wall and said it was a reference by Cocteau to the hands painted by his friend, Picasso. I didn’t really understand the link because the bread looked nothing like a hand to me….

Auer collage interior

Living the Sweet Life in Nice, France

  Do you need to add a little sweetness to your life?  I know just where to go for that.  One of my favourite places in Nice is Maison Auer in the Old Town.  It is a “confiserie/chocolaterie” (sweet shop/chocolate shop) – can it get any better than that? Feast for the eyes For me…

socca - chez térésa

Socca – a Niçois Superfood

By Margo Lestz What is this amazing food that has protected the city under siege, nourished the population during peacetime and inspired men to go to extraordinary lengths to protect it? In fact, it’s an unassuming pancake made of chickpea flour and olive oil. Used as ammunition According to one story, the recipe for socca…