Bowlers, Brollies, and Brits

Bowlers, Brollies, and Brits: Curious Histories of England

Bowlers, Brollies, and Brits is chock-full of little-known facts and tantalizing tales. Margo digs deep to find the obscure bits of English history and writes about them with a light whimsical touch. The result is a weird and wonderful snapshot of a country’s history.

Could it be that the British National Anthem was really inspired by a surgery on a French king’s bottom? And what about the national drink? (I’m talking about tea here…) How was it discovered, and is it a drink or a meal? Who arranged the Stonehenge stones? And why is the area around that big stone circle such a hot spot for crop circles?

You’ll find answers to these questions and many more conundrums such as: Do Americans and Brits speak the same language? Do all British men wear bowlers and carry brollies? And the list goes on…

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About the Author

Hi, I’m Margo. I’m American by birth but feel at home in Europe after years of living in the UK and France. Life is never dull here with so much history to discover. It seems there are stories hiding around every corner and buried under every flagstone. So I’m always peeking around pillars and pulling up pavement to find them.

I’m curious by nature, and I’m forever wanting to know who, what, why, when, where, and how… When I find answers to my many questions, I share them on my blog, the Curious Rambler, and in my Curious Histories books—like this one. (Are you beginning to notice a “curious” theme here?)

I share my adventures (and my multitude of questions) with Jeff, my husband of many years. I enjoy travel, history, observing cultures and traditions—and then writing about them, of course.

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