Catherine Ségurane

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More info about Cathy:

  • The bas-relief monument is on rue Sincaire on a part of the old city wall where the tower once stood. The tower was five-sided and the word Sincaire means five sides in Niçois.
  • Her name in Niçois is Catarina Segurana.
  • Whether Catherine Ségurane was a real person or just a legend is debated, with historians of both opinions.  The first existing written record of her heroism is from 1608 which is only 65 years after the events and the family name of Ségurane is listed in the records of that time.
  • The “exposed bottom” episode doesn’t show up in records until 1901 so probably isn’t true, but I think it’s my favourite part of the story
drawing of statue
Monument to Catherine Ségurane from 1803 in Cours Saleya. Unfortunately it was made from plaster and deteriorated quickly. Image from 1901 “Nice Historique”. Click image to go to source.
Map of Nice from 1624 showing the walled city. Image from Wikimedia Commons. Click to go to source.
Plaque under the monument on rue Sincaire.
Plaque under the monument on rue Sincaire.

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      1. Thank you Margo. It is a good book, and tells the story better than it has ever been told before. Best wishes, Ned

        1. Well, I’ll definitely have to check it out then. 🙂
          The story of Catherine Segurane is also in my book, “Curious Histories of Nice, France,” but it’s a very short section.
          Best of luck with your book, I hope it does very well.
          Best, -Margo

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