The Wisdom of Monuments / La Sagesse des Monuments


The Wisdom of Monuments (English) / La Sagesse des Monuments (French)

*I am a contributor to this book.

In this book, the monuments finally have their say. Iveline Denormandie brought together sixteen authors of different nationalities to write a story from the viewpoint of a famous monument from their country. They allow the great monuments to tell their own stories: how they came to be, what they have seen in their city, and their hopes for the future. I was honored to contribute an article about London’s Big Ben.

Big Ben_ A Handsome London Monument
Click the picture to read an excerpt of the article that I helped Big Ben to write for the book, The Wisdom of Monuments.

Note from the Monuments:
We are among the most famous monuments in the world. We have been well acquainted with humanity for centuries, even millennia. Throughout time, barbarians have destroyed our peers. Today, we want to speak up to recount the circumstances by which we saw the light of day and express our joys, our sorrows, and our hopes for a better world.

There are two versions of this book: The Wisdom of Monuments in English and La Sagesse des Monuments in French.


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Thanks to those who came out to the French book signing and helped make this a lovely day. In the above photo are five of the sixteen contributing authors. From left to right: Carlo (Coliseum), Jane (Nelson Mandela’s Prison), Margo (Big Ben), Iveline (Eiffel Tower & head of the project), Gaurav (Taj Mahal).