Margo Lestz 08 cWho is Margo?

I am American by birth, but I now divide my time between London, England and Nice, France (with a little bit of Florence, Italy thrown in for good measure). Life in a foreign country is never dull and every day is a new learning experience.

I describe myself as a perpetual student because I’m always taking some kind of course or researching a moment in history that has caught my fancy. I’m curious by nature and always want to know who, what, why, when, where, and how…

I share my adventures (and my questions) with Jeff, my husband of many years. I enjoy travel, history, observing cultures and traditions – and then writing about them, of course.

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What Does She Write?

In September 2012 I started my blog, The Curious Ramber ( I was just heading off to Florence, Italy to take an Italian course for three months and thought it would be a good way to keep in touch with family and friends. I started blogging about my experience in my course and, since I had always had a keen interest in history, I also started writing about that historic city.

After my return, I realised that I really enjoyed writing about history and culture, so I started searching for interesting stories in Nice, France, my adopted hometown. Later, I branched out to all of France, and other places that I visited. I believe history is fascinating, often funny, and should never be dull.

After a few years of blogging, I started to edit and put some of my stories into collections for publishing. My first book was French Holidays and Traditions and then came Curious Histories of Nice, France. I’m currently working on a book about the curious histories of Provence.

Where Else to Find Her?

Besides writing my blog, The Curious Rambler, I also contributes to:

Where to Find Her Books?

My books can be found on Amazon and other online sellers, or in the following bookstores in Nice:

  • La Briqueterie, 4-6 rue Jules Gilly – in the Old Town
  • Papeterie Rontani, 5 rue Alexandre Mari – This stationary shop in the Old Town is where Queen Victoria used to by her writing supplies.
  • Librairie Masséna, 55 rue Gioffredo – off Place Massena
  • Librairie de la Presse, 105 rue de France – This shop specializes in used English books, and the staff is especially friendly.
  • Nouvelle Librairie Française, 111 rue de France
  • Librairie Acropole, 10 ave. Félix Faure


*Don’t Miss Anything

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8 thoughts on “Margo

    • Well, it’s not my idea, it is an organisation in the UK, but I do think it is a nice one. Best of luck on yours and thanks for letting me know about it.


  1. Dear Margo, after the horrendous news from Nice, just hoping that you, your family and friends were not caught up in the tragedy. Lisa


    • Hi Lisa,
      Thank you for your concern. I was caught up in the panic, but I am alright. All my friends are accounted for as well, so we were very lucky. Nice is in mourning, but we are all standing together. ❤

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  2. Hi Margo. I am a Yank too, but for many years had an apartment in the Old City, next to the chateau, facing, l’Ecole du Chateau.

    Best wishes,


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