Books and Articles about Gerald and Sara Murphy

Books about the Murphys:

Living well is the best revengeLiving Well Is the Best Revenge – by Calvin Tomkins – 1971
Sara and GeraldSara & Gerald – by their daughter, Honoria Murphy Donnelly – 1982
Everybody was so youngEverybody Was So Young – by Amanda Vaill – 1988

Books by F. Scott Fitzgerald:

Fitzgerald and his wife, Zelda, came to live near the Murphys in 1924. He was greatly inspired and influenced by them and their Riviera lifestyle.

tender is the nightTender is the Night – in this book, dedicated to the Murphys, Fitzgerald’s characters are a combination the Murphys’ personalities and lifestyle and his own.
great gatsbyThe Great Gatsby – This novel by Fitzgerald is set in the 1920s in the US, but much of it was written while he was in Antibes with the Murphys.

Articles online:

Article in The New Yorker, which became the 1971 book Living Well Is the Best Revenge



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