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GPSmyCity is offering a free upgrade on one of my travel articles this week!

Feeling Lost? Maybe you need a GPS-integrated travel article…

Did you ever read a great article about a place you were planning to visit and thought, “I want to save this and use it as a guide while I’m there?”

Of course, you could print out the article on paper, or you could bookmark it on your phone so you could read it again on site. However, papers tend to get lost, and you might not have access to internet on your phone while traveling.

GPSmyCity has solved this problem for you with their GPS-integrated articles and self-guided walking tours. They take articles written by bloggers (like me) who are familiar with the places they write about, and turn them into apps with GPS coordinates built right in. When the app is downloaded to your phone, you won’t need internet to read the article or use the GPS. The app will guide you right to the site.

You can download travel articles from GPSmyCity free of charge and read them at your leisure without wifi. Then if you want to activate the GPS feature, you pay a small fee to upgrade. It’s easy and economical.

Free Upgrade this Week (expires February 9, 2020)

As a special bonus to my readers, GPSmyCity has agreed to offer a free upgrade on one of my articles this week. This offer begins today (Monday, February 3, 2020) and ends next Sunday (February 9, 2020). Just click on the images below for your free upgrade on:

Michelangelo’s Graffiti and a Peeing Lion

Free upgrade on this article until 9 February 2020

My Other Articles on GPSmyCity

You can find several of my other articles on GPSmyCity too:

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Visit GPSmyCity today and download your app. You’ll never be lost again.

Happy Travels!

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