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Hello Everyone,

I hope your holidays were enjoyable. Whatever you did, I hope you got a chance to relax, recharge, and ready yourself for the new year.

January is always a good time to look back at what we’ve accomplished over the past year, and then look ahead and think about what we would like the new year to bring us.

Looking back

As I look back over 2018, it seems like I spent much of the year moving house. We moved twice: from Nice to London, then to a different apartment in London. Our new place is a bit smaller than our previous ones – and downsizing is not easy. We’ve been on a mission to simplify and get rid of things. We’re still at it but the end is coming into view.

We usually travel during the Christmas holiday, but since we were just getting settled into our new apartment, we stayed in London this year. So, fittingly, we had a Dickensian holiday. First, we watched the film The Man Who Invented Christmas, which is about how Charles Dickens wrote A Christmas Carol. Then, on Christmas Eve we visited the Dickens House and Museum where we listened to storytellers, drank mulled wine and ate mince pies. And on Christmas day, we took a Dickens walk around London with London Walks. So, I think I’ve had enough Dickens to last me for a while.

New Book

I did manage to get a new book out in 2018, just squeaking under the wire in November. My friend, Rose, made my Christmas Day when she sent me the above photo of her family with my new book which they all received as Christmas presents.

I received another “Christmas present” when Adrian Leeds of House Hunter International fame (in the US) gave my book a nice mention in her newsletter. You can read what she has to say here.

E-Book Winners

In my December 9 post, I announced a drawing to give away two e-book copies of The First Noël at the Villa des Violettes, a Provence Christmas story by Patricia Sands. And the winners were… Kathi E. and Glenda S. I hope you both have received your e-books and are enjoying them.

I also had a raffle to give away two e-book copies of my new book, Berets, Baguettes, and Beyond. But then, in a wave of holiday spirit, I decided to give a copy to everyone who had registered for the drawing. They were sent out around the 24th. Hopefully, everyone received their e-book, but if you registered and didn’t hear from me, check your spam folder. If there’s nothing there, let me know via the “Contact Me” tab in the menu at the top of the page.

Looking forward

What will 2019 bring? Hopefully we will all have a good year and make many, happy memories. 

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, I like to set goals. I’m still working on them for this year, but I know a few things that will definitely be on the list: 

  • Organize my life and work (I’m not too disorganized, but could use a little extra effort.)
  • Write fiction – This year, I’d like to try my hand at a bit of fiction. I’ll let you know how that goes.
  • Do things that bring me joy – I’d like to concentrate on things that make me happy this year. Life is short, so it makes sense to enjoy it as much as possible. 

What about you? What are your goals/resolutions for 2019? Whatever they are, I wish you the very best.

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Margo Lestz


  1. Happy New Year to you and Jeff!🎉
    Your Christmas sounds wonderfully festive in London! Enjoyed your holiday musings.🥰

    1. Thanks Rose, Happy New Year to you too!
      I hope you shared some wonderful holiday time with your family.
      Thanks again for the great photo. I just love it. It makes me smile every time I look at it.

  2. I was a lucky one to received your e-book and read the croissant section to my grandson. He was so captivated, I ordered him a real copy of your informative and interesting book. We will visit France in June, and he will know a lot of French folklore. Bonne chance with the fiction writing!

    1. Hi Anne Marie,
      I’m so glad you enjoyed your e-book and I hope your grandson will enjoy his book as well.
      Thanks for being a reader of my blog and for the well-wishes for my fiction writing.
      I wish you a wonderful visit in France next June!
      All the best,

  3. Hello Margo, I used to be ‘theoldduck” but have not continued with that blog for a couple of years! I have though, enjoyed your Musings over the past year and I’m sorry I have been rather absent with my comments. I hope you are enjoying London, I still split my time between the UK and Villefranche sur Mer [beautiful sunny day today!]. I wanted to thank you, and especially on this blog’s theme, you were kind enough to say that you enjoyed my writing and well, last year I wrote a novel ! I put it out on Amazon in December and am having a little respite [although already on the sequel!] and catching up with all sorts that went by the by ! I absolutely loved the process of writing, it is SO much harder than I thought it would be! But hey, I got to 70 and thought I really should be doing this! So, I am going to wish you the very best of luck and determination for your first fiction – I know it will be excellent. By the way, I’d be lost without your Curious Histories and Taste of Nice – my visitors are always impressed ! Wishing you a very productive 2019 and I’ll be waiting!! Ha Ha!

    1. Hi Lisa, It’s nice to hear from you. Of course, I remember The Old Duck. I always enjoyed reading your amusing and insightful posts.
      Well Done on your book! I’m so impressed. I wish you much success with it! I’ve never heard of the Severn Family, but Grapes of Fortune: A Severn Family Saga looks really interesting. Of course, historical fiction is my favourite genre. Here’s a link in case anyone else wants to have a look:
      I’m glad you’re enjoying the nice, sunny weather in the South of France. (Wish I were there.) And it’s good to hear that you enjoy my books about Nice too.
      Wishing you a 2019 filled with lots of writing fun and success.
      All the best,

  4. Thank you so much Margo for your kind words – and sharing the link. I must admit that the writing is far more enjoyable than any sort of promotion !! I am pleased enough that my family enjoyed my “embroidery” of their ancestors !

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