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I was born under a “wand’rin’ star.” If you’re familiar with the old musical Paint Your Wagon, you might remember Lee Marvin’s gravelly voice singing that song. My husband always says that should be my theme song, because I like to travel and move around.

On to Bath

Now we’re on the move again. We’ve just moved from London to Bath. Although we’re keeping our place in London and will go back and forth, Bath is a more comfortable place to be during this time. London is great, but all the things that make it exciting – theatres, museums, galleries – are closed for now.

So we have settled in Bath which is a lovely small city about 120 miles west of London in the county of Somerset. It sits alongside the River Avon and is surrounded by beautiful countryside. And the whole city is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Entry to the Roman Bath – Image from

The Baths of Bath

Bath is named and famed for its hot spring. According to legend, Prince Bladud and his herd of pigs found the steaming stream first. Later the Romans came along and built a large bath house complex over it.

The remains of the Roman baths can still be seen and visited. And, in normal times, you can also visit a modern spa which uses water from the same hot spring that the Romans bathed in. You can read about visiting the baths here.

One of Bath’s beautiful buildings – Image from

A Georgian City

Bath is a beautiful place. Most of honey-colored stone buildings that we see today were built during the Georgian era (1714 to 1837, during the reign of the King Georges: I, II, III, and IV).

The style is classical and harmonious, and it’s easy to imagine Jane Austen walking the streets in her bonnet and empire-waisted dress. And, indeed, Jane did walk these streets. She lived in Bath from 1801 to 1806. And two of her novels, Northanger Abbey and Persuasion, are set here. There’s a Jane Austin Museum which I hope to visit when it reopens. And there’s even a Jane Austen Festival when many people dress in Empire style clothes and promenade through the city.

Jane Austen Festival 2017 in front of the Royal Crescent – Source

Much More to See

There are lots of other places in and around Bath that I want to explore as well – when things get back to something like normal. There’s an interesting Abbey, a very particular bridge, a special Bath Bun (the edible kind), and I’ve noticed several chocolate and fudge shops I need to try… So, I’ll keep you posted.

Hope you are all well, healthy, and happy.

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    1. Hi Tom,
      Thank you for your kind wishes. I hope you and yours are well.

  1. Margo, the wife and I visited Bath years ago (from Arizona) on one of our visits to the UK. Loved the city and the baths. You will enjoy your stay there. Are you renting or going to buy a place? I’m jealous! .. 🙂 …

    1. Hi Jim,
      We are renting in Bath. As you might remember, all the buildings are Georgian style and really lovely. Ours is done in period decor, so we feel like we’ve really stepped back in time. We are enjoying our time here.
      All the best to you and yours,

  2. It is a good idea to move to a place where you can enjoy what is outside, Margo. I loved going to Bath when I lived in England and because it is a world heritage site, it will be much the same for you. You are doing exactly the same as Jane Austen, when she lived in Bath, it was in rented accommodation, moving a couple of times. Even in the winter will be great – because it will be a shorter drive to be in the countryside!
    Best wishes, Paula

    1. Hi Paula,
      Yes, it’s nice being in a more rural place. We got a car as well, since we never had, or needed, one in central London. There’s a lot of beautiful countryside to explore around Bath so we don’t feel so confined. I’m looking forward to Christmas here too – hopefully it will be beautiful. Now all I need to do is write a bestseller like Jane did… 🙂 🙂

  3. Love Bath. Was there many years ago. May just have to visit you in safer times! Congrats on your new digs!

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