Nice, France

Nice, France


For more info on this great city, you might like some of my books:

Curious Histories of Nice, France
A queen and a donkey? Ammunition that becomes a snack? Lunch and a cannon? This book tells the stories of the people and events that have made Nice the city she is today. Click the title for more info.

A Taste of NICE, FRANCE (Free E-Book)
Sexy voices announcing the tram stops… A dog wedding… A blockhead building… This book with color photos gives just a tasting of what you will find in this Riviera city. Click the title for more info.

Jean Cocteau on the Riviera (Free E-Booklet)
This small booklet will help you discover the Cocteau sites on the Riviera and give you a bit of insight into this multi-talented artist. Click the title for more info.

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