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Christmas is one of my favorite holidays. I love the smell of Christmas trees, the sparkling lights, Christmas markets… I also love all the traditions that are associated with it. And I love that the holiday season lasts for a full month. In short, I love Christmas.

With the big holiday less than two weeks away, I should be out and about soaking up the holiday spirit. But I’m not. I’m sitting home with the flu. That puts a bit of a damper on my jolliness, but there are lots of Christmas shows on TV so that helps a bit.

I’ve written a lot about Christmas in the past, so this week, I’ve put together a list of my Christmas articles that I thought you might enjoy.

christmas holly

Santa Claus

In the Western World, many Christmas traditions are fairly similar from country to country. However, each nation also has some customs that are particular to it.

Happy Christmas

British Christmas Traditions

  • A typical British Christmas just wouldn’t be the same without some special holiday desserts. Read about two of them in British Christmas Pudding and Pie.
  • And for something to drink on a cold winter’s day when you are browsing the markets have a look at Wassail and Wassailing.
  • Christmas is a time for parties and one item which shows up at every holiday gathering is the Christmas Cracker (not the kind you eat).
  • And it just wouldn’t be Christmas in the UK without the Christmas Panto. These silly shows delight children and adults alike.

Joyeux Noël

French Christmas Traditions

Feliz Navidad


But Barcelona, Spain takes the prize for a really strange Christmas tradition in Happy Crappy Christmas.

christmas holly

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  1. I am sorry that you are not well, when, as you say, you could be out enjoying the Christmas Season. It is so different in Australia, but interesting that we follow the English traditions in the main, however we have a lot more evening outside events, taking advantage of the warm, longer days. Hope you are well again very soon.
    Best wishes

    1. Hi Paula,
      Thanks for the well wishes. I’m starting to feel better so I might get a little holiday spirit in yet.
      I’d be interested to know what Christmas in Australia is like. Does Santa wear a warm red suit or something more suitable to the climate? What kind of scenes are on your Christmas cards? I assume it’s not the snow or fireside scenes that we are used to here. How have the Australians adapted the holiday to a summer season? Just curious…
      Wishing you very Happy Holidays!

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