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As the holiday season approaches, I hope everyone is getting ready for some happy times with friends and family, or maybe just a nice, quiet break from the normal routine. Whatever type of season you are planning, I hope it is filled with joy.

As for me, I’m working away on my next book about the curious histories of Provence. It should be finished by early summer if all goes well.

In Other Book News… 


I was asked to contribute to a book project that gathered 16 authors from different countries together to write about a monument from their country… but from the monuments point of view. I was honored to help Big Ben tell his story. The book is in two versions: French and English.

The French version is out now, and I will be at a book signing for it on Saturday, the 26th November. If you are in Nice, France, please stop by and see me. Don’t worry if you don’t read French, the English version is coming soon.

Speaking of Books and Holidays…

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Maybe you know someone who would appreciate a book as a holiday gift.

On to the Holidays…

With the winter holidays drawing near, I thought I would just do a little recap of some previous holiday articles that I’ve written. Maybe you’ll find something here you would like to read, or perhaps reread:


Let’s start with Thanksgiving in the US. If you would like to find out how the tradition of the presidential turkey pardons started, you might enjoy Of Turkeys and US Presidents. Or, you might enjoy reading about what might have been the “first Thanksgiving” where the main course was alligator – First Thanksgivings, Huguenots, and Alligators.


Christmas isn’t far off now, and maybe you’re wondering where jolly old St. Nick originated. Read all about it in St Nicholas… Santa Claus… Father Christmas. Then read about St Nick’s donkey and the many benefits of mistletoe in Mistletoe and a Flying Donkey. Moving on to France, find out why the Nativity scenes include the whole town in The Little Saints of Provence. And for some really strange Christmas traditions, Barcelona, Spain takes the prize in Happy Crappy Christmas.


In Italy, holiday characters continue to arrive after Christmas. Find out who blows into town on her broomstick in January in Befana: Italy’s Good, January Witch.

I hope you found something that you enjoyed here!

Happy Holidays!

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