Margo’s Musings: Moving On

Margo's Musings Moving On

A few weeks ago, we said “au revoir” to Nice, France and “hello” to London. After living on the French Riviera for eleven great years, we decided it was time to move on.

In looking back on the “Nice phase” of my life, I can’t help feeling a bit nostalgic about all the wonderful things that happened there:

I went to the University of Nice and studied French language and literature. There, I learned to read, write, speak, and understand the language. (What a difference it made once I finally knew what people were saying to me!)

I also began writing while I was living in Nice. I started “The Curious Rambler” and used my newly-acquired French reading skills to research stories about the city, and France in general. I loved discovering and writing about the “curious histories” that I found.

Au Revoir, Nice-2

While living in Nice, I published three books. (You can look for another one by the end of this year or beginning of next year – provisionally titled “Curious Histories of French Symbols”). And, of course, along the way, my life was enriched by the many wonderful people I met, both French and expats.

If it was all so great, you might be wondering why I’ve moved. (As I’m writing this and remembering all the good times I had there, I’m wondering this a bit too…)

Oh yes… We had always kept a place in the UK because my husband worked there – and still does. While I spent most of my time in Nice, enjoying the weather and culture, he was flying back and forth between France and the UK every few weeks. With me being based in the UK, we can spend our travel time going other places instead of just between Nice and London.

Hello, London

In addition to that, I think I’m just a bit of a wanderer or maybe a “curious rambler.” I seem to get the itch to move every ten years or so. I’m looking forward to my new “London phase” and seeing what it brings my way.

I’m sure I’ll miss my French Riviera friends. And I’ll miss the warm weather too – in fact, I’m already missing it. Even though we are having some very nice temperatures for London it’s still cooler than I’m used to. I will definitely be exploring other areas for winter. And, of course, Nice is just a short flight away.

If you’re a Francophile, don’t worry, I still have a long list of curious stories about France to write. It will still feature on my blog, and I’m also working on a novel – or novella (we’ll have to see how long it is) – set during the French Revolution. So, you can look forward to a continuation of the same type of curious stories about France and the UK…

If you are thinking about visiting Nice, or Provence this summer, you can find some historical and quirky anecdotes in my books. There are also lots of articles on this site. Just click the tab “Nice, France” in the menu at the top or type a search term in the search box which you will find in the sidebar on larger screens or at the bottom on small devices.

Nice, France

I also have several articles about London on my site. Again, you can use the menu at the top or the search box to easily find them.


Wishing you all a wonderful summer!

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*Read More Curious Histories in my books.


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  1. This is a big change, Margo and I am sure it will be really good, once you have come through the difficult moving phase. I have found this always takes longer than you anticipate, however in a few months you will be all settled in and enjoying London life. As you have found, big changes like this, while hard, are invigorating. Very best wishes. I look forward to continuing to read the very interesting results of your research.

    1. You’re right, Paula, change can be very invigorating and I’m looking forward to living in London again. Like you said, it just takes a while to get settled in. Then, who knows what things I’ll be inspired to write about… 🙂

  2. I’ll miss our times together in Nice and hope our paths cross from time to time. Warmest wishes to you and Jeff in your new adventures. 💞 *See* you online.

    1. Thanks, Pat. I hope we’ll meet up again too, but at least we’ll keep in touch online. I hope you are having (or had) a great time in Italy and a wonderful time in France. Bon été! xx

    1. Thanks, Kim. I know you started a new adventure a few years ago when you moved from Nice. From what I see online, it looks like everything is going really well! Wishing you continued success and a wonderful summer!

  3. A lovely piece Margo! Looking forward to seeing you soon! Klára awaits your visit ❤️

  4. Margo, lucky you to have the best of both worlds. And lucky me, as I am a Francophile, and an Anglophile. I am excited for your future pieces of England. Oh goody!
    Best to you on your move to England.

    1. Hi Alice. Thanks for your message. I’m glad you’re looking forward to hearing about the UK too. I’ll try my best not to disappoint… 😊

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