Let Your Conscience Be Your Guide: A Poem

Let your Conscience be your Guide

I enter the shop and my breath is taken away
By the beautiful Italian ceramics
In a variety of colours and designs.

– Yes, so many exquisite things that you don’t need.

I love the canisters, they would be stunning
In my kitchen! Flour, Sugar, Salt…

– Have you ever made anything that required flour?
Honey goes in your herbal tea,
And one shaker of salt lasts you forever.

But the platters and bowls are absolutely gorgeous!

– Better suited for 10 than 2.

I start to leave when something catches my eye,
A “Biscotti” jar
(That’s cookies in American – biscuits in British)
Now there is something that I definitely could use…

I wait for my conscience to object,
But it is silenced by the thought of cookies
Which will be ever at the ready in this lovely biscotti jar.

Every girl needs a cookie jar

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  1. Sounds yummy. Was your next stop the bakery or grocery store? One can never have an over abundance of cookies. They go like “hot cakes” (but they require flour). Remember the chocolate chunk/chip cookie the last morning in Paris? I think it was one of the best cookies I’ve ever eaten – still think about it. We should have had more!

    1. You are absolutely right. I had to buy special cookies. You can’t just put plain old everyday cookies in such a nice cookie jar. Yum, those big chocolate chunk cookies – haven’t seen any of those in Italy.

  2. Very clever! Must remember to listen to what my conscience says..today it said no more chocolate sampling in Modica but didn’t listen. I bought 2 bars, my friend, a true chocoholic bought 80 euros worth of chocolate.me thinks I am going to be sick! Enjoy your jar!

    1. Well, maybe you were a little bit bad for not stopping with the chocolate (who can?), but your friend was much much worse. Doesn’t that make you feel better?

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