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The summer holidays are over and it’s time for another “Margo’s Musings.” In these occasional updates, I share news of my books and other projects.


This summer was a difficult one in Nice because, as you know, our July was marred by the horrible terrorist attack. I want to thank everyone for your many messages of concern. I was very touched by your kindness. I’m slowly working my way back to feeling safe, but I’m getting there.


Free E-Book – A Taste of NICE, FRANCE
On a happier note, I have a new, free e-book to tell you about. It’s called A Taste of NICE, FRANCE, and it’s a collection of articles from my blog designed to give a sampling of some of the art, architecture, and other bits and bobs to be found in and around Nice. There are lots of color photos to whet your appetite for this intriguing city.

Jean Cocteau on the Riviera I’ve also included a few articles about Jean Cocteau in this e-book. He was an interesting artist who left some amazing works in the area.

Find out more and get your free download by clicking here: A Taste of NICE, FRANCE. Please feel free to share this e-book with anyone you think might find it interesting.

In other book news, my two paperback books, Curious Histories of Nice, France and French Holidays & Traditions, are now for sale in five bookstores in Nice. I got them in at the end of June, just in time for the tourist season, and they have been selling very well.

If you’re in Nice, please visit some of these bookshops:

  • La Briqueterie, 4-6 rue Jules Gilly – in the Old Town
  • Papeterie Rontani, 5 rue Alexandre Mari – in the Old Town
  • Librairie Masséna, 55 rue Gioffredo – off Place Massena
  • Nouvelle Librairie Française, 111 rue de France
  • Librairie de la Presse, 105 rue de France (This shop specializes in used English paperbacks).
Margo's books in bookstore window

I recently had the privilege of being interviewed in two online magazines. The links to my interviews are below, but also have a look at these magazines for more local news and information:

Current Projects
You may remember that I was talking about a French Revolution book. Well, that has been put on hold for now – I had to have a rest from reading about all the turmoil and violence. Now I’m working on the much more peaceful project of gathering “curious histories” of Provence. Of course, it will entail making several “research trips” to many lovely Provençal towns – but I’m willing to make that sacrifice for you, my dear readers.

Wishing  you all the very best,


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Margo Lestz


  1. Dear Margo, Thank goodness someone is prepared to undertake the arduous responsibility of researching the Provencal towns in order to inform/entertain us! Looking forward to the book already – enjoy the coming months!

  2. Hi. Hope all is well!

    Congrats on the new books! That’s very cool.

    I’d like to make a trade with you… I will promote your two new books if you promote my October 17th Financial Forum!

    Did you see the mailing? Here’s the link to the promo on our site:

    My mailing list is 15K, so it should be a good thing for you. And I’m trying to get the word out as much as possible, so if you could post something to your list, that would be wonderful!

    I’ll be in and out of Nice and hope to see you.

    All the best, A

  3. Hi Margo

    I am really looking forward to reading your new books. I enjoy all your articles and loved the collections in your first two books. I am glad to hear you are recovering from the terrible experience of the terrorist attack – hard to express the horror and fear I feel at such incredibly inhuman things.

    I will be sharing your new books with my friends and hope that many of them will travel to the south of France – a lovely place for you to live.

    With very best wishes

    1. Hi Paula,
      It’s nice to hear from you, and thank you for your kind thoughts during a difficult time.
      My e-book is just a very short introduction to a few of the sites to be found in Nice, and my e-booklet is even shorter. But I hope you and your friends will enjoy them.
      All the best to you,

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