Quirky Old Nice, France

It’s so nice to be back in Nice after a year away. I can see the city with fresh eyes again and it’s just lovely. So, I thought today I would just share a little photo essay of the Old Town, the oldest and most colorful part of Nice.

I love to walk through Nice’s Old Town. You just never know what quirky or beautiful sight awaits around the next corner. I always appreciate the architecture with the Mediterranean colors, peeling paint, shutters and flower boxes.

Or tall towers and skinny buildings…

I always see things that make me smile…

Like this funny sign in Place du Jesus. It’s a small plaza in front of the Church du Gesu and the Restaurant du Gesu (Jesus) just across from the church. I always chuckle at the restaurant sign of an angel eating, licking his lips, and pouring wine with his wing. I guess their food is heavenly, but I’ve never eaten there.

The Old Town is also a haven for artists like this colorful shop.

There are plenty of things to make you smile in these little Niçois streets. Here you can see the mascot for Chick’s Bar and a carnival mask that seems to be looking through the wall of another restaurant.

Socca is a Niçois specialty – It’s basically a chickpea pancake. One socca shop, Chez Theresa, cooks their socca on Rue Droite and delivers it to their market stall on this specially adapted motorized bike. The metal cone keeps the socca hot while it’s being delivered. You can read more about socca here.

You can also find funky clothes and some wonderful chocolate.

I can’t walk through the old town without stopping by – or at least peaking in the window of – Auer. An amazingly beautiful chocolate shop just across from the Opera. You can read more about Auer here.

On this trip I discovered a fish aquarium made entirely of chocolate…

And a chocolate clock. I take this to mean that it’s always time for a bite (or two) of chocolate.

Yum… I think I’ll go have some now.

Hope you’ve enjoyed this little peek into quirky Old Nice.

Curious Histories of Nice, France
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Margo Lestz


  1. Salut !
    Could you add the socca recipe to your article.
    Could not get to the site that you mentioned.

  2. Hi Margo,

    How are you, girl?!
    Felt a pang of nostalgia when I saw both of the gracious historic buildings I lived in.
    They look fresh and beautiful in the sunlight. Le Vieux Nice is so special and holds many fond memories.
    Big hug for you and Jeff,

    1. Hi Rose, I thought of you when i was at Place Rossetti. Ahhh – the good old days!
      It has been so nice to be back. The weather has been great and I got to see lots of friends.

    1. Thanks, Bryan.
      It’s great that you’ll be visiting Nice. ! I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful time. The weather is perfect right now – hopefully it will hold out for you.
      All the best,

  3. Thank you for this, Margo! This is the first year in more than twenty when I won’t be spending time in Nice so your photos brought back happy memories and tugged my heartstrings in equal measure1

    1. Oh well, maybe next year?
      I’m really attached to this place too. It’s so nice to be back after a year away.

  4. Beautiful photos Margo. Brought back lovely memories of my visit in February 2014. The Old Town is just magic. Wish I was there now! Enjoy your visit.
    Best Wishes

    1. Thanks, Paula. Has it really been 5 years since we met in Nice? Time sure flies!
      I’m having a great time and the weather is so nice. I think June is the perfect time to come – before the heat and crowds arrive.

  5. Looks quite bohemian whilst retaining different snapshots in history – wonderful photos btw Margo

  6. Thanks for the stroll down familiar streets, Margo. Sorry we missed seeing each other this year. Will you be back in September by any chance?

    1. We missed you this year, Pat. I don’t have any plans to be back in September, but you never know…
      It is nice being back in Nice. 🙂

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